Letter from the Superintendent - Feb 15th, 2021

Letter from the Superintendent - February 15th, 2021
Posted on 02/15/2021
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Dear Chester Educational Community,

We received notification today that a student has tested positive with COVID-19 and that the state has identified this positive case as a part of a COVID-19 cluster. A cluster is three or more students or staff within the same classroom within a specific period of time.

This youngster has been quarantining and was last in Chester Academy on February 5th. Therefore, there are no additional school close contacts.

We look forward to this student having a quick recovery. We also look forward to the return of those quarantined due to this cluster.

We continue to implore all members of our educational community to be vigilant with regard to mitigation strategies. Please continue to wear masks, keep 6 feet of physical distance when out and about, and practice good hand hygiene.

Should you have specific questions about the status of our school operations, or any specific concerns for your student, please do not hesitate to contact me or Principal Lacroix. We will continue to do our best to provide you with up to date information.


Darrell J. Lockwood, Ed.D


2.15.2021 Parent Letter positive case .pdf