Letter from the Superintendent-February12,2021#2

Letter from the Superintendent - February 12, 2021 - Reopening Committee Update
Posted on 02/12/2021
Letter from the Superintendent

Dear Chester Academy Families and Staff,

The Reopening Committee is working tirelessly to have specific recommendations for changes to our current plan prepared to present to the School Board on February 17th.  The School Board has scheduled a meeting for that evening primarily to review and take action on recommendations brought forth by the Committee.  The agenda for that meeting can be found here.  The meeting will be held in the Chester Academy cafeteria and will also be available for viewing and listening on Zoom at the following link: https://zoom.us/j/99558869752.     

The Reopening Committee met three days this week to address the request of the Chester School Board to review the plan.  A fourth meeting is scheduled for early next week.  The Committee was charged with determining necessary adjustments to the Reopening Plan implemented at the beginning of this school year.  Recent community input has been at the forefront of the work by the group.  

Within the recommended revisions to the plan, the Committee is addressing the primary concerns raised by parents who attended the last School Board meeting.  First, the primary goal continues to be to get as many students back into the classroom as can be done safely, using data and metrics that align with recently published CDC and NH DHHS guidelines.  Changes being considered account for community spread generally and locally and the impact on our school.  Second, changes are being proposed to allow more flexibility in how we are able to implement a shift in our education models as well as the timing necessary to make those changes.  Third, we are incorporating specific milestones to allow for another review of the revised plan prior to the scheduled April school vacation.

The changes are intended to be a continuation of the robust risk mitigation measures implemented in the fall, namely: daily attestation, mask wearing, physical distancing, the use of iWave air purification, thorough cleaning of our facilities, planned remote time to accommodate deep cleaning, and the use of isolation protocols to prevent spread within the building.  The combined use of these mitigation strategies and the implementation of the CDC and NHDHHS guidelines for the return to school, give us confidence that we will be able to propose revisions that will better meet the needs of our students than we are able to at present under the current plan.

In addition to the Committee meetings, the Administration is working concurrently to develop a revised schedule and a parent survey to garner the information needed to implement the changes the Committee is developing.  Upon approval of the plan, by the School Board, surveys will be sent to families to aid in the logistics of implementing the revisions to the plan.  

We look forward to meeting with the School Board and sharing our recommendations.  Your continued input and support is paramount to the success of the plan moving forward.


Darrell J. Lockwood, Ed.D. 

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