Revised Reopening Plan

Revised Reopening Plan
Posted on 02/18/2021
Revised ImageThe Chester School Board has reviewed and accepted the recommendations of the Chester Academy Reopening Committee presented at the 2/17 CSB Meeting for changes to the approved Reopening Plan. These recommendations include:
  • The adoption of an A/B In Person Instruction Model. This is in place of the previous Hybrid-Remote Instruction Model: during the pandemic, we will operate under one of these non-traditional Instruction Models (Adapted In Person, A/B In Person, or Full Remote) described in this plan.

  • An updated Chester Academy Risk Assessment Rubric which determines the Instruction Model to utilize taking into account both Community Level Indicators and School Level Indicators.

    A Parent / Family survey conducted regarding student participation in on-site classroom instruction under the updated Plan.

  • The ability to transition to a more restrictive model for a minimum of one (1) week and the ability to transition from a more restrictive model to a less restrictive model at least five (5) school days after conditions had been determined to have subsided to an appropriate level and only if those conditions remain within the thresholds for that model.

  • And the ability to move a classroom or grade level into the Full Remote Instruction Model for a period of time: however, such a move would not necessarily lead to a change in model: a move under this situation would be in effect until the situation was either resolved or mitigated.

These changes will be finalized, incorporated into the amended plan (to be posted on the website) and then implemented by the Chester Academy Administration effective Monday, March 8th. Please look for upcoming communications from the Superintendent and Principal detailing the next steps in implementing these changes.

The public and our Chester Academy parents and families are welcome and encouraged to continue to provide feedback and comments to the Board and Administration at any time.

The revised Reopening Plan can be found here: School Reopening Plan - Revised